Monday, September 24, 2012

My 2012 MEBER MONTH New Year Special Offer for my smart students
for the first time ever! in the history of internet business. get my newly released 50 red hot cash printing information products that will not only make you but hire your boss as your own gate man!!!
After being successful online, I have decided to share my wealth of experience with you so that
you can turn your  Internet Connection into dishing out MONEY like a Spoilt ATM This New Year!!!

I'm going to show you an easy, proven way to start dumping cash into your bank account, without
running in circles, talking to anyone or even leaving your house.
BELOW ARE 50  HOT red hot cash printing packages i have been talking about!!!
 2012 New Year pack #1 Make money with football betting
This Report will tell you how you can make money just by predicting the outcomes of football matches.
All you have to do is just predict if Chelsea will win WIGAN at Stamford bridge or if they will lose. If your prediction is correct, your N4000 can turn to 3 X N4000 (N12,000) within 24 hours
                          VALUE N4,000

2012 New Year pack #2 Mobile Cash Machine
This particular ebook have been designed to reveal the inside secret on how any one any where in nigeria can turn his mobile ohone and internet connection into cool money
 VALUE N3,500

2012 New Year pack #3 Recharge Card Printing Manual
I do not need to tell you more about this HOT info, On a normal day, people charge N5000 or more for seminars on this topic
Right now, a lot of people have turned into millionaires doing this business and the number of people who use recharge cards are on the increase
                                   VALUE N2,000

2012 New Year pack #4 Domain Flipping And Packing
Discover how you can start buying and selling domain names for a huge amount of money without stress                  
                                   VALUE N3,000

2012 New Year pack  #5 Make $500 Everyday From Your Facebook Fan Page
This Guide will show you how you can create your own Facebook Fan Page, Drive Traffic To it and start pocketing $500 Everyday without doing anything
                                 VALUE N3,500

2012 New Year pack #6 How To Make Money From GSM Short Codes
Secrets Of Making Millions From GSM Short Codes Every 90 Days

Grab the pictorial step by step that will guide you

                            VALUE N4,500 

2012 New Year pack #7 How to Make $100 Daily With Clickbank & Paydotcom
In this book you will learn how to open an account on Click bank & Paydotcom as a Nigerian; how to receive your money in Nigeria; how to work with Clickbank & Paydotcom without a website; how to succeed with Clickbank & Pay dotcom and many more.
                            VALUE N4,500 

2012 New Year pack #8 Make $1000 Monthly Selling Pictures Online

Do you know you can make a fortune selling pictures? You don't have to be a photographer, anyone can do it. This e-book will hold you by the and reveal to you all you need to know in this money-spinning business.

                         VALUE N2,500

2012 New Year pack #9 How To Design Your Own Website In 20mins
This Guide will show you how to design your own business website in less than 20mins, you don't need any knowledge to do this
                          VALUE N2,500 

2012 New Year pack #10 Would You Like To Make Money From Blogging?
If your answer is yes, then this report which is very comprehensive will make your desire a reality.
As a matter of fact, there is a young Nigerian in Lagos who makes over $2,000 every month from blogs. You too can do it and this book is a great helper.
                            VALUE N3,500 

2012 New Year pack #11 Yahoo Answer Guide

Make money daily with yahoo answers, and get a huge number of traffic from it following my step by step pictorial guide

Grab the hot kit now!!!
                          VALUE N2,500

2012 New Year pack #12 Do you know about online forums?
Well, at least, I think you know about Nairaland forum.
Do you know that you can make tremendous amount of money on forums like this?
This report details how I used a technique that a 22 year old undergraduate used to pull in N65000 in 5 days to pull in N75,000 without any start up capital.
                          VALUE N1,500

2012 New Year pack #13 How to Make N60,000 Monthly With Your Email
This e-book will show you how to turn your free e-mail (yahoo, Gmail, hotmail etc) to a money-making machine. With the secrets I will reveal to you in this e-book, you will generate N60,000 or more consistently every month.
                                 VALUE N2,000

2012 New Year pack #14 infomation marketing success
This e-book will show you how to make big money in the information marketing industry.
all the secrets, trics and tactics on how to make money selling information are all explained in this particular manual
                                 VALUE N4,000

2012 New Year pack #15 Fiverr Money
Here is a pictorial step by step e-manual that reveals the inside secret on how you can make money from every thing you ever needed are all contained in this manual.   
                                 VALUE N4,000

2012 New Year pack #16 Blog Profit
love blogging? if yes then discover how you can start a successful blogging business that will constantly push cash into your bank account.   
                                 VALUE N3,000

2012 New Year pack #17Gsm Short Code Cash
here you will learn how to tap into the multi-billion gsm short code business and share your profit with big companies like mtn, etisalat, glo etc.                            
 VALUE N3,000

2012 New Year pack #18Think And Grow Rich
Ever wondered why you keep on failing no matter how hard you try? this particular package will help you think like the millionares.                         
 VALUE N2,000

2012 New Year pack #19Hobby Profit
have passion for any thing, do you derive joy doing any thing? if yes then discover how you can turn what you like doing the most into money.                         
 VALUE N3,000

2012 New Year pack #20Online Survey Profit
Hve you ever dreamt of how cool it could be making money online by just filling simple online web form? if you dearly wanna make some cool cash taking survey, here is it for you                         
 VALUE N2,500

2012 New Year pack #21AdSense Airway
learn how to make money with google adsense all the tricks are all discussed in this particular e-manual.                         
 VALUE N2,000

2012 New Year pack #22facebook cash system
On facebook? If you are on facebook then discover how you can make money while connecting and socializing with friends on facebook.                         
 VALUE N5,500

2012 New Year pack #23Twitter Cash!!!
How to to make money on twitter every thing you ever need to know about making money on twitter are all discussed in this package.                 
VALUE N2,500

2012 New Year pack #24How To Register A business Name with CAC
Do you have a business name that you would wish to register with the corporate affairs commission? if yes then discover how you can register a business name with out a lawyer!!!
VALUE N3,500

2012 New Year pack #25How To Get A USA  Bank Account here in ngeria
Are you in nigeria and wish to have a bank account in the US? if yes then discover how you can get a use bank account with out going to the use
VALUE N2,500

Others Life Changing Guides Includes!!!

26. Online Payment Account Opening Demystified
27. How To Create Info Products That Sells In An Hour
28. My 24hrs Dollar Blast (Reloaded)
29. How To Watch DStv On Your Phone & Pc Free
30. How To Make $300 - $600 With Sharecash Method
31. Adsense Domain Parking Step By Step
32. How To Browse N1,000 Monthly With Zain On Pc
33. How To Start A Profitable Web Hosting Business Company In 30mins With Less Than N4,000
34. How To Make $50 Daily Uploading Pictures On YouTube
35. How To Write A Killer Advert That Can Make You Rich
36. The Ghost Blueprint - Money In The Bank
37. How To Download Any Expensive Ebook On The Internet
38. How To Turn N400 Recharge Card To N60,000 Or More Within A Month
39. How To Make $100, 000 A Year Selling Information Product
40. How To Make At Least $500 Every Day With CPA
41. How To Lift A Limited PayPal Account
42. How To Get Unlimited Traffic In 15 Minutes Or Less For Free
43. How To Get A UK Free Virtual Address
44. How To Import Cheap Laptops From US
45. Free Huawei Modem Unlocker
46. The Secret To Earning $150 A Day With Bum Marketing In Less Than A Month
47. Laptop Repair Pictorial Guide
48. Stumble Upon Secret Expose
49. How To Travel Abroad Without Going To The Embassy
50. How To Acquire A Free Scholarship Tutor Abroad
And How Much Would You Pay For The Whole Packages Listed Above?
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Mr. Gospel Anyatonwu

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